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We feel more at ease now we have carried out a cyber security audit and implemented Nick’s recommendations and wouldn’t hesitate to use Always Networks in the future.

How to Protect Against Complex Threats

A Plain English Guide for Professional Services Firms

Message from Nick, the author.

Dear business owner,

Maybe you already realise the importance of taking cyber security seriously to protect your business. Or maybe you don’t.

Whether you do or don’t take cyber security seriously already, the aim of this book is to make sure you, the owner of a small business, understand the threats that your business faces and know some of the tools and techniques available to mitigate them.

There is no doubt that you have fire extinguishers in your offices in case a fire breaks out. Or locks on the doors to stop you getting burgled. But when it comes to cyber security, you’re not alone if you’re thinking “it won’t happen to me”.

Everybody knows that a successful cyber attack can literally sink your business. But the vast majority of cyber attacks aren’t sophisticated, targeted attacks determined to take your business down. Many are just random spray attacks, preying on weak targets, and can be thwarted with a few key protections.

If you aren’t aware of the threats to your business, hopefully this book will help you by highlighting this very real dangers.

If you are aware of the threats, this book will give you actionable advice that you can take away and implement, or work with your IT team to implement, to make sure your business thrives.

If this book makes you do one thing to ensure the successful continuity of your business, and take a little bit of worry away so you sleep better at night, then I’ll be happy that I’ve done what I set out to achieve.


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