Microsoft 365 Updates

Word at-a-glance, Improved Teams/SharePoint integration and more in this week’s Microsoft 365 Updates

Emailing Word Documents: At-a-glance

When you share a Microsoft Word file in an email, the email will soon include some at-a-glance information such as the estimated time to read, as well as the document’s key points.

Planner: Smart Backgrounds


This new feature allows Planner users to view smart image recommendations and add relevant and unique background images to each plan. The image recommendations are based on the title of the plan.

Teams: 1 to 1 call recording policy

An FYI for admins who administer Teams call recordings – the 1 to 1 policy is being separated from the team calls policy, allowing more granular control. It’s important to review the -CsTeamsCallingPolicy /allowCloudRecordingForCalls attribute to configure it is necessary.

Teams: SharePoint Tab

The SharePoint tab experience within Teams is being improved to allow the pinning of document libraries by either selecting from the backing team site, or by providing a link to any other document library which the user has access.

Also, a “Recommended” section has been added to make life simpler.

You can read more information about the SharePoint tab and it’s integration with Teams here.

Teams: Restrict login to specific accounts

Administrators can deploy a group policy template to restrict the Teams desktop app to only sign in to specific tenants, if security policies require it. This same policy can also be used to block personal accounts. Find out more here.

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