Why do I have extra users with EXT in my Microsoft 365 account?

A question we have been asked a few times is:

Why are there some extra user accounts in my Microsoft 365 user list, with #EXT# in the username?

These accounts look odd – and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were up to no good. In fact, you are to be commended for asking the question! Monitoring your online accounts for anything untoward is an important step to take toward your cyber security, so it’s right to question anything you are unsure of.

The good news – these accounts are fine.

They are Microsoft’s internal mechanism for controlling the access that external users have to your account (in other words, guests).

These are third parties that have been invited to access resources within your Microsoft 365 tenant, typically because one of the users in your organisation has shared a SharePoint or OneDrive file with them.

That’s it! You can delete these external users, but be aware that it will revoke their access to anything that was shared to them.

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