What Should You Expect in the New iOS 17?

Anticipated with enthusiasm, Apple’s iOS updates consistently captivate iPhone and iPad users globally. The forthcoming major release, iOS 17, brings a range of exciting enhancements this Autumn.

iOS 17 pledges an enhanced, intuitive user experience along with significant changes in Messages and cross-device sharing.

In this article, we delve into anticipated features. Brace yourself to uncover Apple’s latest user-centric innovations.

Get an Instant Transcript of Voicemails

Ever wondered about the urgency of a voicemail during a Zoom meeting? iOS 17 simplifies this. Voicemails now arrive with a message transcript, eliminating guesswork.

Voicemail Transcript
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Personalised Contact Posters

Dislike the picture in your contacts that appears with your calls? Take control of your calling image.

Apple introduces personalised Contact Posters. Customise your appearance for shared contacts. Choose from photos, Memojis, text, colours, and more.

Leave a Video or Audio FaceTime Message

Enhance your options when reaching out on FaceTime and receiving no answer. Instead of a simple missed call, FaceTime now offers audio and video messages akin to advanced voicemails.

Share dynamic visuals in real-time, even if they don’t answer. Leave them for viewing later at their convenience.

More FaceTime Enhancements – Reactions & Apple TV

FaceTime is getting an exciting upgrade with more expressive reactions. New options for expressing yourself include:

  • Hearts
  • Balloons
  • Fireworks
  • Laser beams
  • Rain
  • and more

Furthermore, FaceTime calls can now link with Apple TV. Connect with loved ones directly on your large-screen TV, as grand as it gets.

Stickers, Anyone?

If you enjoy using stickers in messages, you’re in for a treat with the upcoming feature. iOS 17 is bringing a significant enhancement to stickers in Messages, including fresh emoji stickers. Additionally, you can craft Live Stickers from subjects in photos, and even add effects to make them more dynamic. A sticker drawer will also be introduced to help you keep them organised and accessible.

AirDrop & NameDrop for Easier Sharing

Enhancing the process of sharing photos, videos, and files across devices is on the horizon. With AirDrop, you can swiftly share files between phones within seconds.

NameDrop offers a speedy method for sharing contact details; just bring two iPhones together, or an iPhone and Apple Watch. Plus, music sharing is part of the equation!

Additionally, NameDrop facilitates the sharing of your customised Contact Poster, adding to the sharing experience.

Smarter Autocorrect & Dictation

We’ve all faced the frustration of an autocorrect mishap that casts us in an unfavorable light. Apple understands and is introducing a more intelligent autocorrection feature. This enhancement involves upgrading the machine learning language model, allowing it to better anticipate your intended text and learn your typing patterns.

Dictation is also receiving an enhancement, utilising a new speech recognition model for heightened accuracy.

StandBy Glanceable Screen Mode

Apple is dedicated to maximizing your iPhone’s utility, even when it’s charging from a distance. With the arrival of iOS 17 comes StandBy, a feature that provides users with a full-screen interface featuring prominently displayed information.

This display can be customized with a diverse array of useful views, including:

  • Various clock styles
  • Preferred photos Widgets (including Smart Stacks)
  • Live Activities
  • Siri
  • Incoming Calls
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New Mental Health Features in the Health App

Apple is rolling out additional mental health functionalities. The health app will allow users to record daily moods and transient emotions. This aims to help individuals understand what factors influence their mental state. Additionally, it provides convenient access to depression and anxiety assessments utilized in clinical settings.

Screen Time’s Screen Distance feature will also aid in reducing digital eyestrain. If users have held their device closer than 12 inches for a prolonged period, it will encourage moving the device farther away from their face.

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Get ready for an exciting iOS 17 update that’s packed with new features and enhancements for Apple enthusiasts. We’re here to help you master your phone’s capabilities and enhance security. Let us elevate your smartphone experience with our guidance on this essential technology.

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