Parser Views – Cisco Security

A post on techexams.net recently made me look into parser views in more detail. I read the section in the CCNA: Security Official Certification Guide about them a while back (the entire one page of it), and never really gave it much thought, but I was prompted by the post on the

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MTU / Fragmentation / ACL Tests – Part 2

Now that ICMP traffic is fragmenting across the network, it’s time to change and start using TCP traffic. This is a follow on from MTU / Fragmentation / ACL Tests….Part 1 and I am aiming to find out what happens to fragmented packets when matched to static extended access lists. I’m

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MTU / Fragmentation / ACL Tests….Part 1

There was a throwaway line in a book I was reading (the CCNA: Security Official Certification Guide), that said that a disadvantage of ACL’s is: Does not filter fragmented packets with the same accuracy as non fragmented packets. I have no idea why this is true, and after a post on techexams.net,

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