Microsoft 365 Updates

All of the updates to the Microsoft 365 services can be found in your admin centre, but here is a summary of the important changes from the last week.

SharePoint: Spaces will be enabled by default

SharePoint spaces

SharePoint spaces allows the creation and sharing of immersive or browser-based mixed reality environments using assets such as 3D models, 360° images and videos, and 2D content such as videos, images, and office documents.

This is being enabled in tenants by default from the middle of Feb onwards.

Today this is an opt-in feature that must be specifically enabled in the admin centre.

If you don’t want the spaces to be available for you tenant, make sure to have them disabled globally (via a PowerShell command) before mid-Feb.

Microsoft Information Protection: Updated data classification

The sensitive information type labels (currently 85, 75 and 65) are being renamed to high, medium and low respectively.

You’ll also be able to copy these built in types and edit the copied version to fine tune them.

Outlook on the web: /

Suggested file search recommendation

Rolling out over the next month is a new feature in Outlook on the web: search.

When composing an email, if you type a “/” you will be presented with suggestions for files and notes, with an ability to search for items to attach to your message.

SharePoint: New metrics

The SharePoint site usage report is getting some new security related metrics added, to allow admins to see information such as:

  1. Anonymous link count – number of times documents or folders shared using “Anyone with the link”
  2. Company link count – number of times documents or folders shared using “People in org with the link”
  3. External sharing – Site external sharable settings
  4. Geolocation – Geo location of the site
  5. Secure link for guest count – Number of times documents or folders shared using “specific people” and adding guests
  6. Secure link for member count – Number of times documents or folders shared using “specific people” and adding members of the org
  7. Site sensitivity label Id – Sensitivity label configured on the site
  8. Unmanaged device policy – Site access policy for unmanaged devices

Teams: Queue sent messages

Teams will now queue sent messages when offline – great for people on the move! They will be sent as soon as the device becomes online (as long as this is within 24 hours – after this the use will have to click resend)

Teams: Sharing changes

New in-meeting Share experience.

The interface is changing when sharing content within a meeting on desktops (Windows and Mac). Rather than the traditional pop up at the bottom, users will be presented with a newly designed dialog.

Teams: Share computer sounds on Mac

Install driver

The Teams desktop app for MacOS will soon allow users to include their computer’s sound when sharing their screen (for example to play the sound from a video within a presentation)

This does require a one time installation of an audio driver, but it’s a simple process.

This already exists for Windows users.


For full details of these updates, and more, head to the Microsoft Message Center. Log in to your admin portal, and select Health, Message Center.

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