Does your business have the right security layers?

Everybody knows that traditional antivirus isn’t enough to defend from today’s complex threats – is your business properly protected?

security layers

Security doesn't have to be expensive

Security isn’t as expensive as you might think. 1 in 3 businesses will suffer from a cyber security attack, with an average cost of £4180. Don’t be a victim, act now to secure your business.

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Annual cost of cyber crime on UK economy
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Average time before a business knows it is compromised
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Average cost of a cyber attack to a small business

Secure your systems


Protect your email from phishing, guard your endpoints from attacks, and secure your accounts from compromise.

Whether it’s antivirus, content filtering, or firewalls, we can help you understand what protections you need and get them implemented with minimal fuss.

Protect your data

Guard your data, both from malicious attacks or accidental deletion, by having a comprehensive backup strategy.

We can help to ensure not only your workstations are backed up, but your servers and cloud services too, to make sure you business can continue to function in case of a disaster.


Help your people

Managed Service

Whilst we think technology should be the first line of defence against cyber attacks, that doesn’t mean people aren’t an important part of your business’s security.

Let’s make sure your people know what they should be doing by having policies in place, reinforce it with regular cyber security training, and measure it with periodic phishing simulations.

Managed IT Security

Do you need a managed IT service that provides more than just IT support?

With an IT Security Partnership through our Always Secure service, you can reduce your risk from cyber attacks and increase your competitive advantage.

Why not take a cyber security audit?

A cyber security audit is the best way for you to know where you stand. It will help you to focus on what matters, pointing out the things you need to focus on, and areas for improvement. It will help you to put together a plan to increase your businesses defences to complex threats.

Let us know what we can do to help

If you’re worried about cyber security in your business, why not get in touch. We can have a friendly, simple chat to go through your challenges and find a way to help. Don’t worry, we don’t do pushy sales, so this won’t add you to a mailing list or lead to us nagging you for eternity.