Microsoft 365 Updates

Message Reminders, History and Search: This week’s Microsoft 365 updates

Secure Score: Teams actions

Microsoft Secure Score is having it’s first action point from Microsoft Teams added to it.

The specific action point is “Restrict anonymous user joins during a meeting”, which is a configuration setting designed to prevent “zoom bombing”.

Microsoft Secure Score is a score that every Microsoft tenant receives, to give an indicator of whether security best practices are configured or not.

SharePoint: Microsoft Search

After the change

Microsoft Search is being added to most SharePoint classic sites (subject to a couple of criteria). You can tell if you have this by the location of the search bar: if it’s in the header right at the top you have Microsoft Search.

Microsoft Search is a much more powerful search, delivering better relevance and personalisation.

Teams: Webhook URL change


Webhook URLs are changing to include the tenant name, which is a security improvement over using shared URLs for everyone.

Any existing webhooks will prompt you to recreate them. Old style URLs will keep working for now, but they will be retired in a future announcement.

Webhooks are a way of integrating 3rd party applications with Teams – for example, our ticketing system uses a webhook to automatically notify us of any new tickets in a Teams channel.

Outlook for the Web: Message Reminders

You’ve probably seen the emails each day reminding you of things that you may have forgotten to do – this new feature goes one step further.

In Outlook for the Web, if Outlook notices that you may have forgotten to follow up on an email, the message will be brought to the top of your inbox and highlighted.

This feature can be controlled in the settings.

Teams: History

Teams history

A new history menu is being added to Teams. If you hover over the forward and backward buttons, you’ll see where you have recently been.

This will make navigation even easier when jumping between multiple channels, tabs and documents.

Teams: Usage Report

New report

A new usage report is available for Microsoft Teams, allowing you to get an idea of Teams adoption rates in your organisation.

This is available in the admin centre under reports -> usage.

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