Microsoft 365 Updates

Presenter view in Teams, Text prediction in Outlook, and more: Microsoft 365 Updates

Outlook: Text Predictions


Outlook for Windows and Outlook for iOS will soon have text predictions, allowing you to write more efficiently by auto-completing your text.

This feature is already available in Outlook for the Web, but is now being added to Windows and iOS.

Teams: Presenter View

The presenter in a meeting will be able to see a presenter view during Teams presentation sharing within a meeting.

Once a PowerPoint file is selected for sharing, presenter view will open automatically. This will show the presenter the current slide, the slide notes, and a thumbnail strip of all of the slides in the desk for easy slide navigation.

Note: Presenter View only works in meetings that open in a separate window – you’ll need to enable the “new meeting experience” in Teams desktop app setting.

OneDrive: Dark Mode


A dark mode option is being introduced to OneDrive for the web. Dark mode is intended to reduce eye strain.

Teams: Multiple number dialing

Multiple numbers

If a contact has multiple numbers, a new dropdown menu will be available to allow you to select which number to dial.

Microsoft Forms: Text Formatting

Text editing

A limited number of text formatting options are being added to Microsoft Forms, to help survey and quiz designers differentiate and emphasise content. These are bold, italic and underline.

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