Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool, providing a single interface for conversations, chats, online meetings, shared files, tasks. It provides a modern form of communication, supporting "likes", GIFs and emojis, etc.

Flexible Workforce

More and more businesses are adopting flexible working policies. So how do you still collaborate effectively? Microsoft Teams can help with this. As the replacement for Skype for Business it provides HD video and audio conferencing, whether one to one or up to 250 people. Meetings can include video, audio, chat, whiteboard, polls, Q & A and even real time document authoring. With mobile apps, web apps and a desktop app, you really can use this app anywhere!

So much more

Microsoft Teams is so much more than Skype for Business. Group conversations in to channels for teams or projects, share files and get feedback at the click of a button, or just share cat pictures. Find out more on the Microsoft Website.


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