Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 4th October 2020

Teams: Meeting invite wording

Screen cap

The wording in a Microsoft Teams meeting invitation is being reworded to say “Click Here”. This is a minor but welcome change, as many people who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams don’t realise this is a hyperlink.

Word: Designer

Designer in Word

A new feature for Word for the Web: Designer.

This feature offers formatting consistency and style variety for every document. It detects formatting inconsistencies and prompts you to fix them. More information is available on the Microsoft blog, here.

Teams: Appear Offline


A new presence status of appear offline is being added.

This is a nod to the importance of Teams as a wider platform for managing your workflow (for example accessing files, and tab integrations), but without appearing as online so you can be interrupted.

Teams: Allow attendees to unmute

Another new feature in Teams: the ability for a meeting host or presenter to prevent attendees from unmuting themselves.

This can be enabled or disabled before the meeting and throughout, allowing you to force mute all participants while a presentation is going on.

Participants can use the “Raise Hand” feature, which will bring them to the presenter’s attention, and that participant can then be allowed to unmute by right clicking on that participant.

Teams: Notification previews

screen cap

It will be possible for organisations to hide message previews in notifications on mobile apps, to protect sensitive data.

SharePoint: Org Chart

Org chart

A new web part is being released which will allow page authors to generate an organisation chart centered on an individual.

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