Microsoft 365 Updates

All of the updates to the Microsoft 365 services can be found in your admin centre, but here is a summary of the important changes from the last week.

New feature: Live Presentations

Audience selection for Live Presentation

Live Presentations for PowerPoint for web will be released before the end of June. This allows audience members to see slides and a live transcript of the presenter’s spoken words, including live translation.

Participants can see the presentation on their device, use “pinch to zoom” to see slides more clearly from mobile devices, give feedback and send live reactions to the presenter, as well as being able to navigate back to review previous slides.

When you select “Present Live” your presentation will begin with a customised QR code – people can scan this, or click a link, and Live Presentations will load in their browser, with nothing to install.

Once the presentation has loaded, your audience will see your spoken words transcribed onto the screen in near real time, which is great for poor audio quality or participants who have difficulty hearing. Participants can also choose to have the transcription in one of 60+ languages.

For full details, see the Live Presentations article from Microsoft.

Planner Syncing for Message Center


This change is mainly for pro-active admins. You will soon be able to sync all of the messages in Message Center to Planner, allowing you to better track Microsoft 365 changes that need action.

A welcome change for us at Always Networks; it will provide us an easier way of managing these changes and letting our customers know about them.

Renaming the Planner app in MS Teams

The Planner app in Microsoft Teams will become the Tasks app. This will provide a more powerful consolidated experience for managing your individual and team tasks, bringing together the power of Planner and To Do.

Automatically Enabling Microsoft Threat Protection for eligible license holders

Microsoft will automatically enable Microsoft 365 Threat Protection, if you hold one of the corresponding licenses:

  • Microsoft Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection

From June 1st, this means administrators will have access to a unified portal, allowing you to coordinate defences across email, endpoint, identities and applications.

Visit the Microsoft Threat Protection product website to learn more.

Microsoft Teams Group Chat limit raised

Rolling out this month, the maximum number of participants allowed in a group chat is being raised from 100 to 250.

However, it’s worth remembering that if there are more than 20 people in a chat, the following chat features are turned off:

  • Outlook automatic replies and Teams status messages;
  • typing indicator;
  • video and audio calling;
  • sharing; and
  • read receipts.


For full details of these updates, and more, head to the Microsoft Message Center. Log in to your admin portal, and select Health, Message Center.

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