Microsoft 365 Updates

All of the updates to the Microsoft 365 services can be found in your admin centre, but here is a summary of the important changes from the last week.

SharePoint Improvements

A few changes to how documents libraries and lists are managed to improve the experience – these will be rolled out June through August.

Feature 1

You will be able to bulk edit SharePoint list items and file properties by selecting multiple items at once and making the changes you need.

Feature 2

You will be able to access your list and library forms within quick edit, and also add new list items via a form in quick edit.

Reverse Number Lookup Enhancements

Reverse Number Lookup (basically, caller ID) was release in October 2019 for incoming calls. This allowed you to identify the incoming called with a name rather than showing the number, and was based on both Azure Active Director and teleco-provided data.

This feature is now being extended to also show caller ID in the activity feed, call history and voicemail.

Microsoft 365 Apps no longer supported on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

This isn’t news, but Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are both end of support. As such, running the latest version of Microsoft 365 Apps (the new name for the installed Office applications) is not supported.

More specifically, if you update Microsoft 365 Apps to version 2005 or later, Microsoft are advising that there WILL be functionality and stability problems with your Apps, due to “innovations that are not compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012”.

For Windows 8, at a minimum you need to upgrade them to Windows 8.1, although preferably Windows 10. For 2012, you should upgrade to 2019 (or maybe use a Windows Virtual Desktop solution?)

Shifts Audit Logs are being centralised

Audit logs for Shifts are being incorporated into the unified audit log available in the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center.

Shifts is a feature in Microsoft Teams for schedule management, helping you to create, update and manage schedules for you team.

OAuth available for POP, IMAP and SMTP AUTH Exchange Online

OAuth Support for POP, IMAP and SMTP authentication is now available in Exchange online.

Anyone who has created apps that send, read or process emails using these protocols can now implement secure, modern authentication experiences for their users.

This is great news for security!


For full details of these updates, and more, head to the Microsoft Message Center. Log in to your admin portal, and select Health, Message Center.

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