Microsoft 365 Updates

All of the updates to the Microsoft 365 services can be found in your admin centre, but here is a summary of the important changes from the last week.

New Feature: Network Connectivity Metrics

Network connectivity test tool

The Microsoft 365 Admin Center now includes aggregated network connectivity metrics collected from your Microsoft 365 tenant and available to view only by administrative users in your tenant.

This is designed to help you to identify any network connectivity problems that may cause performance issues from your offices, and provide advice on how to fix them.

You can read more about this in the documentation here.

Lists: Calendar View

screen cap

You can view list content, in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Lists, in a modern calendar view by creating a new view:

screen cap
screen cap

Shared Mailbox Licensing

Shared Mailboxes within Microsoft 365 are free, and unlicensed.

However, a change was made by Microsoft to Exchange Online to correct the way these mailboxes are handled on the back end. The change has caused some people to have problems accessing mailboxes. Some users are receiving the following error:

“The mailbox isn’t available. This may have occurred because the license for the mailbox has expired. To find out how to gain access to this mailbox again, contact the person who manages your email account.”

If you are receiving this error, you need to use the following PowerShell command in Exchange Online Powershell:

Set-Mailbox -Type Shared

Lists: Edit in grid view

New button

Quick Edit is being renamed Edit in grid view. The functionality isn’t changing: this button will allow you to quickly bulk update items within the grid view.

Microsoft To-Do: Push Notifications

Microsoft To Do mobile will soon support push notifications for shared list activities on work accounts.

This will be on Windows, Android and iOS versions of To Do for shared list activities such as adding tasks, completing tasks and updating tasks.

Teams: Saving meeting recordings

It will be possible to save meeting recordings to OneDrive or SharePoint locations. Currently, you can only save the recordings to Stream.

As of Q1 2021, meetings will have to be saved to OneDrive or SharePoint – saving to Stream will not be supported.


For full details of these updates, and more, head to the Microsoft Message Center. Log in to your admin portal, and select Health, Message Center.

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