Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 24th May 2020

Create Screen Recordings in Microsoft Stream

There is a new feature for screen recording now available in Microsoft Stream. This can be used to record any window or screen, add mic or system audio, and include webcam video too.

Microsoft Stream is an video platform, think of it a bit like your own company’s YouTube, for sharing recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions. You can comment, tag times, organise into channels and all the things you’d expect from a good video platform.

For people not using Microsoft Stream, did you know you can use Microsoft PowerPoint for screen recordings?

OneNote read-write in Teams again

In March OneNote in Teams became read only. This has been changed back, and you will now have the option to move to read-write mode again.

Call Quality Dashboard (v2) retired

CQD (Call Quality Dashboard) v2, which is at is being retired on July 1st 2020.

The replacement is available at This dashboard shows insights into your organisation’s Teams call qualities:

Upload Center being retired

See the source image

Upload Center is the tool that sat and monitored to make sure documents you saved in Microsoft Office applications we successfully saved to OneDrive or SharePoint. It pops up in the bottom corner alerting you to any issues.

It is being retired, and being replaced with “Files Needing Attention”, native inside the applications. This means that you will be able to save or discard any files right within the application:

Contextual Search coming to Teams

Currently, the search within Microsoft Teams is global. Coming soon, you will be able to restrict your search to a particular chat of channel by pressing Ctrl-F (of Cmd-F on a Mac).

Search in teams results

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