Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 18th October 2020

Teams: Apps in Teams Meetings

pre-meeting tab view

With this new feature, it is possible to add pre and post meeting tabs, an in meeting side panel and in meeting content notifications to your meeting.

This allows you to bring your integrated apps into meetings.

So if, for example, you have a kanban board on a tab in Teams, you can now include this kanban board into your meeting so your attendees can interact with it.

Teams: Virtual Breakout Rooms

A feature available in the competition for a while; finally coming to Microsoft Teams!

Breakout rooms allow meeting organizers to split main meetings into smaller sessions for focused discussions.

This feature is rolling out throughout November.

Special Offer: One year free audio conferencing

Microsoft are offering a free one year license of the audio conferencing add-on.

Audio conferencing adds a phone number to Teams meeting invites, allowing participants to dial in to the meeting from a regular phone (landline or mobile).

This is great when dealing with people who don’t use Teams, where you only need audio. Obviously a user who dials in cannot see any screen shares or video, but for multi-participant audio conferences it works great.

If you want to take advantage of this offer get in touch with us and we can add it on to your package and help you get it set up.

Teams: Transfer meeting to another device


Teams meeting participants soon will be able transfer a meeting between a mobile device and a computer when they are logged in with the same AAD account. In addition to being able to transfer a meeting between devices, meeting participants may add another device as a companion to their meeting.

SharePoint: Share video but block download

Block download

By the end of November, it will be possible to share a video file to that a third party can view it but not download it. This is already possible to other file types such as Office files, PDF, images, etc.

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