Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 16th August 2020

Outlook Mobile: Improvements

Delegate Permissions

Outlook mobile users will be able to delegate mailbox permissions to allow other users to take actions on their behalf, from their mobile.

Automatic S/MIME Signing

For businesses that you S/MIME for added email security, this will allow users to set the S/MIME setting to “Always Sign” and/or “Always Encrypt”, rather than having to set it on each individual email.

Microsoft Teams: Lists app

Lists in Teams

Following on from the release of Microsoft Lists, Microsoft are releasing an app to integrate it into Teams.

You will be able to pin a list (existing or new) to a tab within a channel, and use the full power of lists within Teams to add/edit columns, filter, sort, format and export to excel.

This feature will be introduced throughout September and October.

Teams: MacOS DMG file retiring

Previously there has been two ways of installing Microsoft Teams on MacOS:

  • DMG
  • PKG

Fundamentally these are just two different methods which can be used for distributing applications for MacOS.

Microsoft are retiring their support for the DMG distribution of the application on October 6th 2020.

You should already have received a notification in app if you are using DMG – if you receive the notification then follow the instructions to download and install the PKG version of the application, otherwise as of October 6th you will no longer be able to use Teams.

Microsoft Authenticator: App Lock

App Lock

Microsoft authenticator can be used as a second verification method after users sign in with their username and password – providing Multifactor Authentication.

To further protect your account, the app is enabling the “App Lock” setting by default starting soon.

This means you will have to verify your identity using your fingerprint or pin code to access your MFA codes, or approve push notifications.

SharePoint/OneDrive: Move files and keep sharing

New sharing option

When moving files between SharePoint sites and OneDrive, or between SharePoint sites, users will now be prompted with an option to “Keep sharing with the same people”.

This will automatically grant permission to existing collaborators, as well as sending them an email giving them the new link to the file.

This feature will be rolling out throughout September.

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