Microsoft 365 Updates

All of the updates to the Microsoft 365 services can be found in your admin centre, but here is a summary of the important changes from the last week.

Further support for Internet Explorer ending

Beginning from November 13th 2020, more support for Internet Explorer to access Microsoft Office features will be no longer supported. These features include:

  • My Apps
  • My Account
  • My Access
  • My Groups

It is recommended to use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox, which will all be fully supported.

As a side note – did you know the Microsoft Edge now runs the same engine as Google Chrome underneath?

Forms: New start page

New Forms start

The Forms portal page (https://forms.office.com) is being replaced with a new start page, offering a smoother experience and starting view for accessing and working with Forms.

Teams: In-meeting meeting options

Teams meeting options

Meetings organisers will be able to see and change meeting options within the meeting, rather than going to a separate web page, making it much easier to manage the meeting.

Teams: Set duration on presence status


A new feature for all the people who go to Do Not Disturb and forget! You can now set a presence status for a set duration rather than indefinitely.

Lists: Choice Columns


Choice columns allow users to pick from choices. They can be multi select or single select, and even allow manual fill as items are added. The choices can also be individually formatted.


For full details of these updates, and more, head to the Microsoft Message Center. Log in to your admin portal, and select Health, Message Center.

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