Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 7th June 2020

Android Device Administrator Support

Android Device Administrator was the original way of managing Android devices. It was replaced in version 5 with the modern version, called Android Enterprise.

Google are winding down their support for Android Device Administrator, and as a result Microsoft Intune Mobile Device Management is also winding down its support.

There is a streamlined flow to move from Android Device Administrator to Android Enterprise for Microsoft Intune – if you are still running the old version now would be a great time to upgrade, as you will find yourself losing management capabilities as of Q4 2020.

Suggest replies coming to Microsoft Teams mobile

Example text

Microsoft Teams mobile app will soon get suggested replies, making replying on the move easier.

This feature will be on by default, though it can be disabled at an organisational or individual user level if required.

Update your Office Apps

The monthly reminder that the Office Apps have been updated, so if you don’t have automatic updates turned on it’s time to go and manually update them.

Microsoft Teams Channel Information and Pinned Posts

Screen cap of pane

A new feature to Microsoft Teams is the channel information panel, allowing you to see system updates, a summary of the channel and other important information.

Another new feature is pinned posts, where any member of the channel will be able to pin a post and make it visible on the channel information panel.

Exchange Online PowerShell Module

The EXO V2 PowerShell Module is now Generally Available. This allows admins to connect using a module available from the PowerShell gallery using Modern Authentication to manage their Exchange Online environment.

We’ve been using it here at Always Networks for a while, and it works well!

Roaming Signatures

Outlook for Windows will soon support roaming signatures.

This feature has been requested for a long time, and means that signatures will be stored in the cloud, allowing your signature to be synchronised across multiple devices.

This is great news, but some way from a service like Exclaimer which can offer centralised signature management, enabling beautiful looking signatures which can be updated centrally to promote your latest marketing campaigns. Contact us if you want to talk about Exclaimer.

Add formatting and links to branded sign in

Branded sign in is a feature that can be configured for your Microsoft tenant, which displays some custom text and a custom image when logging in. This can be used to counteract phishing – if you are taken to a phishing site that looks like the Microsoft login, it is unlikely to have your custom image, so can be a red flag that the site isn’t genuine.

The ability to add formatting and links extends this feature, to allow you to link out to your organisation’s Acceptable Use Policy for example.

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