Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 30th August 2020

Excel Online: Office Scripts

Office Scripts are like Macros, but for the online version of office. You can record behaviours, and then replay them later. If you find yourself often doing repetitive tasks, macros are great – and Office Scripts are a way to use similar functionality online.

They were released in January as a public preview, but are soon being released and enabled by default for all organisations. If you don’t want them to be enabled, you need to take action before October 1st 2020 to disabled them.

Exchange: Email Auto-Forwarding

Auto-forwarding means setting up a mailbox rule to automatically send a copy of emails received matching the rule to an additional mailbox.

This is a tactic often used by hackers – if they compromise your credentials it is common for them to set up a rule forwarding a copy of all of your emails to themselves.

To combat this, we routinely configure a rule disabling this functionality for our clients, adding exceptions where required (although this is extremely rare).

Microsoft are making it the default behaviour to block auto forwarded emails from going outside the organisation. This means you’ll still be able to auto-forward within your organisation (to your assistant for example), but auto-forwarding to a third party will be disabled by default.

Note that it’s crucial that you do not routinely use a global administrator account day to day for this protection to work – as a global administrator is allowed to bypass these rules!

OneDrive: improvements to search

Search my files

Users will soon have a little drop down box in their search, allowing them to perform a search across multiple libraries.

Outlook for Android: Calendar Sync

By the end of October, Outlook for Android will support two way sync with external calendars, such as the Google or Samsung calendar. This will allow you to view, create, edit and delete entries from your native calendar app and sync these changes into Outlook.

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