Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 20th September 2020

Teams: Templates

Teams default templates

Teams are adding templates. This will allow you to create new Teams with predefined channels, structure, tabs and apps, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

For example, if you regularly create Teams for projects, you could use a template to automatically include a OneNote, a tab to Microsoft Project, and several channels to fit your needs.

Read more in the getting started guide.

Service Health: Show or hide services


You can now customise the services that are visible in your Service Health panel, to make it more relevant to you.

Teams: End of meeting notification


Ever been in one of those meetings that overruns? This feature is designed to help with that. When there are five minutes remaining in a scheduled meeting, a banner will pop up. This banner will disappear after 10 seconds. Hopefully this will help keep meetings on track!

Teams: Search Yammer

Search Yammer in Teams

Using the Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams, users will soon be able to search for Yammer content including posts, communities, and profiles.

Teams: control message preview in notifications

Teams notification settings

Microsoft have responded to a common privacy request, to allow users to toggle message previews in notifications.

This means that when a notification of a new message pops up in the corner of your screen, you can choose whether the notification includes a preview of the message or not.

A great feature if you regularly collaborate with others and don’t want them to see your messages!

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