Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 Updates – Week Ending 14th June 2020

Intune and Apple Support

In September, it is expected that Apple will release iOS 14. Shortly afterwards, Microsoft InTune enrolment and Company Portal will move to support iOS 12 and higher. This means support for iOS 11 is being removed.

Request all your end users to upgrade from iOS 11 before September.

Around the same time, macOS 10.16 is scheduled to be released, and support for 10.12 and below will be removed in Intune.

My Apps and My Account are changing

Previous Apps Experience
Previous Profile Experience
New Apps Experience
New Profile Experience

The new user experiences for apps and profile are becoming mandatory on July 20th.

These provide a more unified experience, as they fit in with the themes and branding of the rest of the Microsoft product suite.

My apps is available at, and it is a launch page with buttons to take you to the rest of your applications. If you have Single Sign On configured (SSO) this is a great place to get to the rest of your applications.

Share Personal Lists in To Do

Microsoft To Do will support list sharing between personal and work accounts, allowing users in your organisation to join, view, modify and add data to lists owned by personal Microsoft accounts.

This feature will be enabled by default, and will roll out over the next month.

Quarantine Workflow

End users will be gaining a mechanism to request the release of quarantined emails. Previously, they could preview the emails but had to manually request that the message be released by an administrator.

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