Are you getting the most from your Microsoft 365?

If you have Microsoft 365, you have one of the world’s most powerful productivity suites right at your fingertips.

Make sure you are going beyond email, and harnessing the full potential of Microsoft 365 with the Nulia Works interactive training platform.

Get in the flow

Seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft 365, the Nulia platform operates in your flow of work, delivering training as you need it.

Boost your skills

Reach new productivity outcomes and build user confidence while attaining and maintaining digital skills.

Make learning fun

Engage in an interactive platform and learn by doing, to earn digital badges which can be shared on users’ LinkedIn profiles.

How does the Nulia Works Platform work?

The Nulia Works platform gets users using Microsoft 365 to achieve business outcomes, improve processes and enhance job functions by attaining and maintaining new digital productivity skills. Nulia Works drives success through an emphasis on getting users using new Microsoft 365 skills in their natural flow of work —this is the Nulia Works foundation for driving personalized skill development and ongoing behavioural  change.



Powered by data intelligence

Individual progress is measured based on users’ actual behaviour, allowing them to attain one of three progressive levels of mastery: user, producer and master.


Powered by AI, machine learning, and bots

Provides personalised training targets based on a user’s persona, to ensure that they meet their desired business outcomes in the most efficient ways possible.


Powered by the experience engine

Users are motivated to complete training with badges based on actual usage measurement, and continuous evaluation to ensure that skills are maintained.

What can I learn with the Nulia Works platform?

The Nulia Works platform has 28 outcomes, which are journeys you can go on to learn the specific skills you need to get the most from your Microsoft 365 subscription.

These outcomes can be assigned to any number of users, with three levels of mastery: user, producer and master – allowing you to focus on the appropriate training for the right team member.

Getting started with Microsoft 365
Organizing your files and folders
Making the most of Outlook
Working from home with Teams
Collaborating with your team
23 more outcomes available....

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