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As businesses become increasingly reliant on IT systems and hardware, the cyber crime industry has an increased incentive to attack more businesses; with more sophisticated attacks.  

Small businesses are not spared from cyber crime. If a profit can be made from you, criminals will try their luck. 

Poor cyber security guarantees the success of cyber criminals, and consequences for you and your business:

Malware Icon

Sophisticated Malware

This malicious software installs itself on your devices. Where it can steal, delete, alter and encrypt your data for ransom.

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Invasive Spyware

Spyware seeks to invade and capture information from your webcams, microphones and files, which could be used for blackmail.


GDPR breaches and ICO Fines

Cyber attacks can result in data breach. Depending on the nature of the data lost, you may be open to ICO fines and litigation.

In 2021 39% of businesses reported having cyber security breaches. Of those reports one in five (21%)  end up losing money, data or other assets. One-third of businesses (35%) reported being negatively impacted regardless, for example because they require new post-breach measures, have staff time diverted or suffer wider business disruption.

The road to recovery for businesses after an attack can be a tough one. It can come with a cascade of consequences such as financial cost, data loss, diverted effort and a damaged reputation   

Don’t settle for poor cyber security, save yourself the future headache. 

There is a better way, and we’ve got just the thing. 

How Guardian 247 helps you?

By combining advanced automated Antivirus with highly-skilled Security Experts
Our clients are guaranteed to be better defended against data breaches and cyber attacks. 


With Guardian 247 we’ve got you covered, with our sophisticated behavioral based antivirus and a key human element. 

Unlike most cybersecurity service providers we also support you with a team of dedicated specialists, who will react to alerts from your network to protect and restore your systems, keeping you updated the whole time.

 In a world where cyber criminals and their means are growing more sophisticated by the day, your defensive measures should be growing too.  

Our SentinelOne Antivirus

Like any tool, antivirus can become outdated and unfit for purpose.

Are you saddled with an outdated service?

Our SentinelOne antivirus is fully equipped to deal with the sophisticated threats preying on businesses today.

·         It will Identify and stop any malicious processes running on any device in your network.

·         Quarantines infected files and allow you to track the entry point into the system, meaning you can plug the security hole from allowing further intrusions into your network. Perhaps a change in password may be in order?

·         Automatically disconnects machines that pose a threat of infecting more of your network allowing us to cleanse and secure your machines in isolation.

·         Alerts our security specialists to issues so they can manually intervene before a problem spreads.

·         Immunise your machines in real time against the latest exploits and viruses in the market.

The World’s largest and leading Businesses trust in SentineOne Antivirus

4000+ customers and counting. Including 3 of the Fortune 10 and hundreds of the Global 2000

Our Security Experts

Who does your computer notify when something goes wrong? 

A notification pops up, telling you about the problem.

But wouldn’t it be better telling an expert who could fix it for you? 

Our Guardian 247 system makes that a reality, by connecting your devices to our Security Experts.

Our security experts can solve your problems directly from their operation center. They provide real-time monitoring, detection, and response in order to mitigate or prevent cyber-attacks when they occur.

The security expert support contained within Guardian 247 package we’re offering is increasingly becoming a necessity, not a luxury item for ensuring your business remains secure. 

The use of Security Operations Centers (SOC) is expanding in this age of sophisticated cybercrime, because while software can prevent basic attacks, expert human analysis is required to put major incidents to rest.

What our Security Experts do?


  • Constant security monitoring. 
  • Fine tuning and maintenance tooling. 
  • Optimisation of detection indicators.


  • Information analysis of security incidents.
  • Triggering of alerts on suspicious elements. 
  • Customer notification and communication.


  • Immediate processing of alerts and analyses.
  • Handling security incidents as soon as possible.
  • Investigations following a security incident.


  • Regular reports on suspicious activity. 
  • Security dashboard functionality.
  • Technical and trend indicators.

Who are Always Networks?

If you’re looking for Techies you can trust, look no further. We are a Barnsley based cybersecurity IT firm, determined to supply & maintain outstanding services for businesses.

Always Networks is led by Nick Shaw, an IT security expert who learnt his craft in the
Royal Air Force as a Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Technician. 

He refined his skills working for a number of global corporate firms, including in the financial and defence sectors.

Under Nick’s guidance Always Networks has been a trusted partner for businesses of
all sizes, simplifying and securing their technology.

Nick Circle DB

Low cost 'Pay as you Go' security

Guardian 247 was designed to be effective and affordable for small businesses.

  • Plans start from only £7.99 per device, per month to protect your business
  • Pay monthly security is ideal for small business budgets
  • No initial set-up fees and no annual contracts

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