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Quick & effective cyber security user training for businesses

Cyber security user training why should businesses care?

When it comes to cyberattacks the question is not if it happens, but when?

A scary prospect, but there’s loads that can done to sure up your cyber defences, to minimise risk and mitigate damages.

The first, quickest, and easiest thing you can do as a business owner is to place an importance on increased cybersecurity awareness, for yourself and your staff.

Which is what our User Training is designed to do.

You might be thinking, ‘why do I need this, I only run a small business, who would possibly want to hack us?’ Understandable, but wrong.

Think about every old car you’ve seen with a smashed window, done on the off chance that something valuable could be inside. The same applies to small businesses, there’s always something they can take, or that could damaged in the process.

In fact, 43% of cyber-attacks are on small businesses.

And when you rely on the internet, hackers can cause major problems. Because as well as business disruption, they can hit your costs too. £4,180 is the average cost to a business of a cyber-attack.

Just because you don’t have a cybersecurity department (most small business don’t), does not mean you have to be defenceless against cyber-attacks.  

Increase awareness with User Training

In 2020 85% of cybersecurity breaches involved the human element.

Understanding IT tech is not something that comes naturally to most people, but luckily it doesn’t have to.

We provide a user training service that tips of the balance of understanding in your favour with interactive slides, non-judgmental tests and useful videos backed by the National Security Centre.

Keep yourself and your staff sharp on cybersecurity by completing periodic security training:

  • Short 15 minutes courses
  • Once a month.
  • Different relevant subjects each time.
  • Responsive to each users strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gradual incrementation of subject sophistication.

This is a tool, not an exam. The aim is not to punish, or embarrass users, but to highlight which areas can be improved, and our system does that automatically. The subjects that a user performs the worst on, will be the basis of the next test they are sent to complete.

Courses can be set manually if you wish to do a lot of learning at once.

We are able to supply an extensive course library covering a diverse range of subjects. From cloud security, to GDPR training. There are resources here that are useful to everyone, and some that are more specialized.

There’s even the tools to create custom courses, if you require something really specific.

Our training services comes with all sorts of functionality that means our users get their training automatically and on time to suit their needs.

Plus, there’s some fantastic tools that allow for the creation and assignment of policies, as well as the ability to conduct simulated phishing attacks on your systems to see how aware you and your staff are of potential real attempts in the future.

Security Shield package

Our user training helps staff become more aware of cybersecurity threats, which is excellent. But as we’ve said, an attack is when, not if.

What happens when a heightened awareness is not enough and your systems are breached?

Layers of security

That’s where the next layers come in.

It’s our goal to put in place a multi-layered Security Shield package system to protect your businesses as much as possible with an economical solution.  

User training, password management, content filtering, antivirus & EDR, offsite backups, email security and mobile device management, all these as a package for just £30 per user, per month.

With this comprehensive security package only the most determined of attacks have a chance of getting through. If your business is compromised, our package also ensures that you have the backups required to get you back up and running; and on your way to make your business better than ever

Keep your eyes open for a subsequent blogs which will explore and explain other features of our Security Shield package.

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