Cloud Security from Cisco Umbrella

The first line of defense against Internet threats

How much visibility do you have of your Internet traffic?

Do you know how effective your antivirus is?

Are your users protected, even when they aren’t in the office?

Protect ALL your devices. Everywhere.






* requires a separate Mobile Device Management (MDM) system

World leading security

  • Block malware, ransomware and phishing before it even gets to your network
  • Intelligent proxy to inspect suspicious activity on-the-fly
  • Powered by intelligence from Cisco Talos – one of the largest commercial threat intelligence agencies in the world.

Unparalleled visibility

  • All traffic appears in logs
  • Websites are categorised so you can see what’s going on
  • Detailed security reports available

Reliable and fast

  • 100% uptime since 2006
  • Fast DNS responses
  • Can be deployed at scale in under an hour

Cloud based

  • No hardware to install
  • No software to maintain
  • No network slow down due to overloaded appliances

Sound too complicated?

Don’t worry! Here at Always Networks we manage your cloud security for you. We give you a choice of three security policies to choose from depending how strict you want your security to be, and then we set it all up for you.

We then regularly monitor your accounts for any security alerts, and contact you if we notice anything suspicious.

You get full access to your dashboard too, if you want to see it for yourself.

Why do you need cloud security?

This is easily the question we are asked most often: “I have antivirus, why do I need content filtering as well?”

Content filtering is not an alternative to antivirus, it is a first line of defense to compliment it.

  • It stops threats before they are downloaded to computer
  • If ransomware does get on your PC, the first thing it usually does it “call home”. Content filtering can block this “C2C callback”, rendering the ransomware impotent.
  • Phishing sites, designed to look legitimate and collect your passwords or credit card details, are blocked on the fly.
  • You may have legal, regulatory, compliance, or ethical reasons to need to filter out certain website categories.
  • It provides visibility and logs of all traffic on your network, so that anything untoward can be spotted.

Is it affordable?

We think so! With our straight forward pricing, you pay a monthly price per user. A user can have multiple devices, for example, a laptop, a tablet and a phone. Included in our price, we help you to get set up and we also monitor for any security alerts – and we’ll contact you if we notice anything suspicious that you need to investigate.

Simply fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Why choose Always Networks for Managed Cloud Security?

Always Networks are a Cisco accredited Cloud and Managed Service Provider (Cisco CMSP), proving our expertise at deploying the Cisco Umbrella cloud based content filtering security solution.

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