Is your antivirus modern enough?

You don’t have to be an IT expert to have heard of antivirus protection. But it’s important to remember that not all antivirus software is created equal, and like all things, they can become outdated overtime. Becoming outdated might be alright for fashion, but not your cyber security, of which

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Email Security

Securing your Emails: with these Two fantastic features

Emails, you interact with them a dozen time a day. You’ve sent and read countless thousands of them, (and ignored way more,) but what about email security? We don’t want to scare you away from email, it’s an absolutely vital method of communication for any business, which is why it’s

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Stealing Username and Password

Your Business & Data Breaches

A data breach can involve the leaked information of one person, or millions, but we only ever hear about the big ones, a few times every year. But data has become a bit abstract, on a daily basis we use so much of it, and we’ve gotten used to it

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TPM Chip Graphic

What is TPM? The hardware Windows 11 expects from you.

TPM, or Trusted Platform Module is a method of cyber security rising in prominence due to the unveiling of Windows 11 earlier this year, which requires your device to have a TPM chip. Institutions, businesses, individuals, can be slow to take on the latest operating systems, like Windows 11, but

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Domain Name Search

What is DNS and why you should care?

DNS, simply put: DNS (Domain Name System) is one of those IT phrases that is said a lot, and not often explained what it means, or how it affects businesses. Even if you don’t know what DNS does, it’s always working away in the background every time you make a

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Content Filtering

2 Fantastic sides of Content Filtering

What is content filtering? You’ve set up your network, bought your work devices and given them to employees, all for a reason, to get the job done, whatever job that might be. But the internet is a bit of a Wild West, one we connect to through our devices, accidently

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication works great – If you use it

Passwords are just the beginning Authentication is the process of identifying users that request access to a system, network, or device. For your phone that could be a 4 digit pin, or for most logins it is a username and password. As long as you remember that password, input it

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Cyber Security Policies

Get it in writing: benefits of cyber security policies

Cyber security policies A policy is a set of guidelines for your organisation and employees in order to achieve a specific result and standard. You can have a policy for everything, a policy in case of a fire, how to dispose of documents properly, even a policy on how to

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User Training

Quick & effective cyber security user training for businesses

Cyber security user training why should businesses care? When it comes to cyberattacks the question is not if it happens, but when? A scary prospect, but there’s loads that can done to sure up your cyber defences, to minimise risk and mitigate damages. The first, quickest, and easiest thing you

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